Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Photo Ops

Last week I hinted at a "whirlwind" Vicky and I were expecting one afternoon. It's kind of last-minute, but here's the full explanation.

A few weeks ago Vicky was poking around the Canadian Cancer Society website when she discovered a touring photo exhibit featuring cancer patients. It was called Cancer Connections, and they were looking for submissions for the Montreal leg of the tour. We got the negatives from Vicky's various photos of me, and brought them over to our good friend Marc Elias. He scanned our two favourite photos at the requested resolution and worked his Photoshop magic to get just the right contrast and detail. In the end, one of the photos—one many of you will recognize—was accepted.

The whirlwind I referred to came about because of an unexpected follow-up. When Cancer Connections first launched in Toronto, CBC News: Sunday ran a segment featuring a photographer/subject pair. We were asked if we'd like to be taped for a similar piece for the Montreal launch. We said yes, and the "whirlwind" was the prep and shooting of the segment. (We don't know exactly when the segment will air as yet; just that it will be on a Sunday—of course—sometime during the run of the exhibition in Montreal.)

So tomorrow is another whirlwind. In the morning we're off to the launch at the Place des Arts Esplanade; it's an invitation-only thing, complete with mayoral speeches and wine I can't drink, but at some point in the day the exhibit opens to the public. It's scheduled to run until September 28, and will continue touring Canada for two years.



Blogger ChefNick said...


sorry to go through you and the blog, but do you have marc elias's email address? we go back to the mirror's Babylon

Maybe you too.

Mine is nick@montrealfood.com

thanks in advance



9:41 AM, October 16, 2008  

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