Saturday, August 23, 2008


Please note: the message title refers to the Art of Noise song (from the Paranoimia album), not the ZZ Top song. Though I indeed know how to use them.

First and most important: I don't know if it's the chemo, the painkillers, or the new massager, but my legs hurt a lot less. Make no mistake, they're not cured in any way. They're still shiny, which indicates it's a leukemia-related problem; and they're still tender and very hot to the touch. But the agony is gone, and that makes things far more manageable. Getting into or out of a chair or bed, and especially getting out of bed after an hour or two, causes a lot less pain, and is easier to deal with. I don't have to keep moving my legs to stave off pain. Just the mental stress level of pain management has decreased drastically. Meanwhile, Vicky ordered an picked up a pedal exerciser—meant for therapy and such—for under forty bucks after she pointed out that my plan of using my bicycle mount would still cause problems getting on and off the bike.

Another case of credit where it was due: when I was describing different aspects of my legs problems for the nth time in hospital, I mentioned that walking downstairs was a lot harder than walking up stairs. My dad's smartass comment: "So walk downstairs backwards." (He says now he was brainstorming, but I know his smartass voice.) My reaction at the time was "Hahahahawait— different muscle group." When I got home and started to struggle walking downstairs (even after the painkillers etc., it's more work) I turned around—and damned if it isn't even easier than walking upstairs.



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