Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coping With Cancer

Whole books have been written on this subject, but today I nailed it in five steps:

Step 1: Watched my son's soccer practice.

Step 2: Made and ate a mean tuna-fish sammich.

Step 3: Spent almost an hour on the phone with my best bud.

Step 4: Successfully completed this mathematical equation: 1 sunny afternoon + 1 volume of Popgun + 1 comfy chair + 1 bowl containing a 2:1 ratio of Reese's Pieces to chocolate M&Ms + a half-pint of root beer + DJ Spooky's Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix for background music

Step 5: Nap.

So what if I woke up sweating ten minutes ago and my stomach still feels like a pincushion after a week of two daily abdominal injections? I honestly don't care.



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