Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

Hey, everybody. I hope your new year's celebrations went well, or at least that you were cleared of all charges.

Things are improving here. My white blood cells are slowly coming back, and I'll be curious to see what my neutrophil count is after tonight's blood test. I'm sleeping pretty well through the night, partly because we've come up with a pretty good early-warning system for the migraines; I still get headaches, but they're rarely debilitating. In fact, I've been reading again.

My taste buds seem to be getting back to normal, but with the food here that's not always a good thing. (Vegetarian lasagna: thumbs way up! Meat loaf: In God's name, why?)

Other issues have cropped up (a swollen right foot, mysterious red splotches, a reaction to meds taken for chest pains) but they've all been minor.

Meanwhile, thanks for the gifts, calls, wry comments, prayers, and so on. Every last one is appreciated.



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