Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Three-in-One Update

Sorry I've been mum lately—I knew I'd be getting little bits of information over time, and wanted to just roll everything into one update.


On Friday I went in for a routine checkup, and got the news I expected to hear: I'm no longer neutropenic, so my immune system is pretty much back to normal. In summary: Yay!

On Monday I went in for a bone marrow biopsy, and while I was there I got the official news that the MRI revealed that the lesions that were present on my pituitary gland are completely gone, and all signs of their visit (the thickened stalk, the engorged gland itself) are gone. If I'm lucky, the pituitary will heal itself completely and my diabetes insipidus will vanish. There has been some improvement on that front (I'm taking two-thirds of the desmopressin I was taking a month ago, and I appear to be fine), which is encouraging. Still, even if it isn't healed I'll be taking a few daily pills for the rest of my life. There are worse things that could happen. In summary: Yay!

Today we went in to get the results of the bone marrow biopsy. We were hoping to hear that the marrow was clear of malign blast cells and that I was officially in remission, but we weren't that lucky. It seems that there were some blast cells lurking around, but as the biopsy was performed less than a week after I'd finished a month of daily Neupogen, there's a chance that it's just a result of that (Neupogen can sometimes cause irregularities in blood tests). So maybe the leukemia is back, or maybe not. We won't know until I get another blood test on Friday and compare the results to today's. In summary: Hm.

I also spoke at length with my hematologist about issues surrounding the bone marrow transplant and finding a donor. More on that in the next message.



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