Monday, March 10, 2008

The News on Remission 2.0

Came back not too long ago from today's checkup... it turns out that I'm not in remission after all, and I have to check into the hospital for another round of chemo (with yet another cocktail), probably on Wednesday or Thursday. Yep, another four weeks in stir.

There is some good news, I suppose. Out of curiosity, I asked to see what my blast cell levels were like just before I went in for my previous two inductions, and there has been a significant drop each time I've gone in. So it's not as if the leukemia is coming back stronger each time; it just needs to understand that it should stay down every time we clobber it.

One difference between this stint and the previous two: unlike before, I'll have a computer with me, so I can at least use dialup to keep up with e-mail and stuff. It should help the time pass.



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