Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quick Update

Just to let you all know that because of the slightly delayed nature of my messages, my mouth started feeling better around the time you got the message saying it was in pain. The acyclovir has kicked in, and most of the ulcers and sores have disappeared, while what's left hurt less. I'm still eating pureed food, but it's easier going and I can talk mostly without pain.

Three other news items:

1. The preliminary report on my MRI is that the foreign mass on my pituitary gland is gone. While there's no guarantee, there's a chance my diabetes insipidus will eventually go away.

2. My neutrophil count as of this morning has jumped to 0.2. It needs to be 0.5 or higher for me to go home.

3. I look marvelous. No, really.



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