Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Today's Horoscope

Taurus: Succesful in conflict with Cancer today. Since the battle is won but not the war, be sure to keep at least one foot on Cancer's neck during victory dance.

Cancer: Served.

Just got the news from my bone marrow biopsy—to all appearances, the chemo was successful in smacking down the leukemia! Huzzahs all around! I may even be home before the weekend.

Of course, this is just the first round. Starting today or tomorrow, I get daily injections to boost my lagging neutrophils (my choice: in the leg or the abdomen).

Soon there's the first consolidation phase, which is essentially more chemo. That's made up of three hospital visits in the space of five days, and there can be three or four consolidations.

Plus, of course, there's the bone marrow transplant. Tamu's been in for a blood test, and if her marrow is a match for mine (a 1 in 4 chance) then in about three weeks I'll be spending another month in hospital for that procedure. If not, then the search is on for a match.

There's one other matter, too. Two weeks ago I had an MRI that revealed a 4 mm mass on my pituitary gland, which is most likely what caused the diabetes inspidus. The mass is most likely leukemia, and there was some discussion about radiation therapy. However, the doctors feel that the chemo might ultimately deal with that. There'll be a followup MRI soon to see what the case is.

Right now, however, it's just about time for my victory lap. A big thanks to everyone for prayers, vibes, and all other positive thoughts. You're the best army I could hope for.



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