Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Marrow, Hair, Wishes

As planned, we did the bone marrow biopsy yesterday. It hurt a little this time, because my bones were strong enough that the doctor had to really put her shoulder into it to get through. Both of us worked up a sweat trying to get that needle in. The pain wasn't too bad—it only lasts a split-second and the surprise made it seem worse than it was—but I still found myself clenching my teeth from the discomfort. Strangely enough, the spot where it happened is now less sore than expected, and in fact less sore than after the other biopsies. Go figure.

Anyway, I'll have the results of that tomorrow.

My hair's finally starting to fall out, so today Vicky and I shaved it down close to the scalp so I won't have quite so many long hairs everywhere. I can't do a really close shave because I can't risk any kind of nick or cut.

Finally, several people have asked if I'd like books, DVDs and the like for passing the time. Though I'll (possibly) be leaving here soon, I'll still be spending at least another month in hospital at later dates for the bone marrow transfusion, among other things.

While I'd definitely appreciate various distractions (time flew by watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor last night) I really do have enough books and DVDs to get me through future stays (thanks again to people who've sent stuff or gift certificates). If you were planning to get me something, please donate the money instead to a local or national cancer-related organization. That would make me quite happy.



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