Friday, January 11, 2008


Q: If your biopsy's so good, why do you need a marrow transplant?

A: The bone marrow transplant is because of a problem I have, uncovered during cytogenetic testing—a damaged or missing seventh monosome, which may be responsible for or facilitating the blast mutation at the heart of the leukemia.

Q: You owe me fifty bucks. If Tamu's not a match, can I donate my marrow to get you back to health quickly?

A: Among relatives, Tamu is the best hope for a match. If not, then I go into the registry. People can't donate marrow specifically for me, but if your marrow's in the system it becomes available to me as well as other people in need. We'll be getting deets on donating within Quebec soon. The sooner you donate, the better.

Q: Is it hard, being so sexy?

A: Yes. Yes, it is.



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