Thursday, June 15, 2006

fps #8 Is All About Anime -- and It's Out Now

Magical girls. Nosebleeds. Lots of words in Japanese. Giant sweat drops. And the title character of best damn OAV ever on our cover.

That's right, it's the anime issue. We've got stuff for beginners (a starter guide to anime, plus two on anime iconography, and an anime lexicon—though we've got stuff that will surprise a few of the experienced folks as well), three different takes on recent scholarly interest in anime, and looks at Negadon: The Monster from Mars, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Hakugei.

There's more, but I'm out of breath. You can check out the complete table of contents on our magazine page, and even try before you buy with our preview edition. And don't forget to check out the back issues listed at the bottom of the page.

(Oh, and there's non-anime stuff in the latest issue too. An interview with the director and producer of Dream On Silly Dreamer; another interview with The Wraith of Cobble Hill director Adam Parrish King; and reviews of DVDs and books. See? Something for everyone.)


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