Monday, April 18, 2005

Last night I read a great blog entry by Meg Cox, which she used to kick off CelebrateVida. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it's something that's far too rare in public discourse: a strong voice from somewhere in between the extreme ends of the political spectrum.

I've never understood how, in a society that enshrines free speech, so many people don't feel the need to speak up and declare that none of the extremes (left, right, conservative, liberal, whatever) fit them. Meg, a self-described "consistent-life-ethic Christian," does it just right. She doesn't identify with an "-ism" so much as with a core belief. Unlike the "culture of life" poseurs, she believes that all life is sacred, be it unborn, Iraqi, or felonious.

It's simply a more honest way of presenting oneself—and more people need to do it. If enough of us stand up and declare that these people who claim to represent us do not mirror our beliefs, then maybe we can effect change. Staying silent and letting the extremists run the show is no way to live in a democracy.


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